About the founders

As a first generation college graduate, Parker realized just how much a degree could change someone’s life path. She developed a deep understanding of the connection between education and societal empowerment, and naturally gravitated towards a career in public higher education advocacy. She now works for an organization that strives to provide access to students who attend the nation’s 4-YR regional comprehensive universities.


Very early in her career teaching high school English, Elizabeth discovered that kindness and generosity of spirit were the themes worth teaching. She serves an independent school that focuses on social justice, diversity, and respect for the individual. These values have shaped her as a teacher and human, along with commitment to joy, self-empowerment and personal freedom of expression.

about our classes

Mats are available at the studio for a $1 rental. Block, props and blankets are included at no extra charge. Registering online speeds up the arrival process. Go to our scheduler to create an account or log in using your existing account at MindBody here! Doors open 15 minutes before class time. Doors will stay open until 5 minutes after the class starts, so pop in if you arrive a big late. We understand running late and want you to practice if at all possible!  Belongings (including shoes) can be stored safely in the studio; there is a shoe rack near the front, and a belongings rack towards the back.

Class Cancellation Policy:  You can cancel your classes online without losing your class pass credit by logging into your account with us, and then canceling more than 50 min prior to class.

new to yoga? not to worry!

Any of our teachers, and any of our classes, will happily cater to a beginning student. Personal attention will allow you to modify your practice and learn the basics of the poses. Power Flow classes tend to be a bit more intense, but all of our classes are accessible to beginning practitioners. If you can arrive a little earlier to chat with your teacher, that may help you feel comfortable in the class. Wear comfortable clothing. Know that you might be somewhat upside-down at points in the practice (only if you're comfortable being upside-down), so pants or longer, snugger shorts help you feel comfortable. Yoga is shoe-less! You'll remove your shoes for practice. We're fairly certain this is one of the aspects you'll enjoy most. Try to avoid a big meal for 2-3 hours before class time.