This training is for yoga teachers who want to incorporate the principles of relaxation in their teaching. Working in our beautiful but sometimes challenging city, we encounter ranges of stress that can produce toxic conditions. For veterans and the homeless, government workers and schoolteachers, and everything in between, restorative yoga can be an essential tool to help everyone's body do its own healing. How does it work? Using the principles of yoga asana, combined with the science of relaxation, this practice can help bring the body into deep rest, the kind of rest where the body's long term building projects can actually run their course and bring the body back into balance. Running on empty? One needs to rest to allow the body to do its own rejuvenation. It is only in deep rest that the body is given the chance to metabolize the hormones that keep you going, fighting the good fight, doing the DC do, and getting the job done. When we over-do, we break down. Among the many networks restorative yoga works on are the digestive, immune and reproductive systems. In this training you will not only learn how to set up these poses that facilitate deep relaxation, you will learn how and why they work. You will learn strategies on how to set up poses with a lot of supporting props and strategies with less props due to lack of availability. We will discuss optimal sequences, the therapeutic aspects of the practice, classroom set up, and private client set up inclusive of how to do an intake to optimize both your experience and your client’s experience. It is a 4-weekend event and attendance is mandatory if you want to gain full CECs with the Yoga Alliance. The cost is $495. The weekends are sequential (skipping Labor Day) and there will be homework (light) during the training and ending with a homework assignment after the training to be turned in for full hours credit. Weekends: 8/19-20, 8/26-27, 9/9-10, 9/16-17. Bernie Wandel is an RYT-50 YACEP with the yoga alliance. He has studied with Judith Hanson Lasater and has assisted her on her restoratives all over the US. He has studied extensively in the Iyengar school and honors their practice but has learned from many and brings in many influences to help bring unity to all bodies that want to practice yoga.