Chaturanga dandasana: America's favorite pose or America's fading pose? The pose symbolizes strength, muscle integration, and alignment. It is a key pose in almost every style of asana. Chaturanga dandasana requires internal power, grace, and finesse, yet it is vanishing like the Bengal Tiger, and the Y Chromosome. One uses their upper body strength, but without integrating the core and the legs, it'll droop. Without key shoulder stabilization, it can be injurious. People either drop to the floor to avoid holding it, or fly up in Upward Dog, skipping it altogether. Join Bernie (an anatomy expert in his own right!) and his yoga pal Mary Richards (M.S., C-IAYT) a 16-year teaching veteran and an experiential anatomy specialist) for an afternoon of strategies, strength training, and alignment to build this pose from the ground up. 

This double-expert, endlessly useful workshop is $25 for anyone, and $15 for members! Your practice will benefit every time.