As a first generation college graduate, Parker realized just how much a degree could change someone’s life path. She developed a deep understanding of the connection between education and societal empowerment, and naturally gravitated towards a career in public higher education advocacy. She now works for an organization that strives to provide access to students who attend the nation’s 4-YR regional comprehensive universities.


Very early in her career teaching high school English, Elizabeth discovered that kindness and generosity of spirit were the themes worth teaching. She serves an independent school that focuses on social justice, diversity, and respect for the individual. These values have shaped her as a teacher and human, along with commitment to joy, self-empowerment and personal freedom of expression.

Ben’s passion for entrepreneurship, self-reliance, and the potential for local businesses to effect change prepared him to help shape the mission of Shaw Yoga. A lawyer by training, his sense of fairness, attention to detail, and fondness for adventure led him away from the legal desk and into the creative world.