Class Packs:

Drop-Ins: $17/class

3 Classes: $48 ($16/class)

5 Classes: $80 ($16/class)

10 Classes: $150 ($15/class)

New Student Pass: 3 weeks for $33 unlimited

Mats available for rent: $1



Unlimited Yoga: $109/month

  • Free mat rental 
  • 1 free guest pass per month
  • Auto-renewing
  • Cancel with 1 month's notice


Membership Light (5 Classes):  $60/month

  • Free mat rental
  • Auto-renewing
  • Cancel with 1 month's notice

Birthday Membership Specials:

(through June 1st)

Unlimited Membership:

Get Unlimited Yoga (and unlimited health, self-care, and love) at $95 / month (regular rate $109 / month). You can cancel your membership anytime with a month’s notice, by emailing us at

Membership has benefits, too: free mat use, half-priced workshops, and one guest pass a month! (That’s the best one, we think!)

Midday Class Special:

We have Sally (new to the line-up) and Danielle teaching Tuesday and Thursday 12-1 classes, respectively. Try out their classes (we know you’ll love them) and be rewarded. Attend 5 midday, weekday classes in 30 days, and we’ll give you 2 class passes to use anytime. Email to let us know when you’ve been to 5 classes, and we’ll add your passes.