It’s been at least 6 months since I’ve written a reminder of the glories of each of our teachers. I thought it was time to refresh your memories of the wonders of our teachers, especially at this time of year, when a heartwarming yoga class can be just the antidote to holiday stress, or the tempering factor to holiday joy, travel, and indulgence. Parker and I find ourselves warm and tingly from top of head to toes when thinking of the experiences that Shaw Yoga teachers provide yogis every day of the week. Let me regale you with Monday’s teachers (rest to follow)…

Starting Monday morning, Jade’s loving essence will waft towards you (along with her daily incense choice). Jade’s cueing envelopes you with acceptance, clarity, and smooth challenge. Jade allows you to be relaxed while working hard, and her sequences remind you of the meaning of flow. You’ll never leave undelighted.

Erika at 6pm Monday evening excels at explanatory, alignment and anatomy based yoga. She will leave you feeling encouraged and balanced, with muscles sore and happy. You’ll learn something new and illuminating in each class. Her monthly sequences build towards greater understanding of particular body parts and greater mastery of pose sets. She doesn’t overdo the anatomy talk, but interweaves it in a way that makes poses click.

Michelle at 7:30pm Monday will delight you with yoga that is challenging and flowing. You will follow her experienced explanations and direct manner, trusting her decades of experience and knowing cueing, and suddenly find yourself in a pose that you’d never known existed or believed yourself capable of. She sprinkles a dab of yoga philosophy in most classes, offering inspiration for your focus for that class, and for life. She teaches you something new about the body, about breath, about flow.

There’s nowhere wrong to steer on Monday. See you on the mat!